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TMI : Range Trek to Rohida – Raireshwar & Kenjalgad with Trek Mates India.

Hi friends, We, Trek Mates India, have arranged a ranged trek to Rohida-Raireshwar & Kenjalgad on 2nd Oct 2010; starting on 1st night.

Places that we will be visiting

Type: Hill Fort
Height: 3650 ft (above MSL)
Grade: Easy
Base Village: Bajarwadi (near Bhor)

Rohida or Vichitragad is a fort situated about 15 Km from Bhor village. It is one of the southmost forts in Pune district. Rohida is barren in Summer or Winter but With monsoon it is filled with lush green grass.

Points of attraction are old temple, few big water tanks, Chor darvaja, Buruj (bastion) on North East Face, Chuna grinding wheel.

This fort is also called as WICHITRA GAD or BINICHA KILLA or ROHIDA. IT is related with SATWAHAN ERA.

We will also be visiting the Hanging Bridge , Nageshwar temple and the monument of 'Shri Shankaraji Narayan Sachiv' on the way to Raireshwar

Type: Hill Fort
Height: 4589 ft (above MSL)
Grade: Easy
Base Village: Korle

Raireshwar is a place in Bhor Taluka which has a temple famous for its historical importance. Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj took the oath of Swaraj in this temple at the age of 16 and then created history. Thus , Raireshwar can be considered as an important place in Maratha history.

The temple is very old and of stone structure. But it was later re-constructed in 18thcentury. It is situated in between various hills and forts. Especially , Kenjalgad or Mohangad looks beautiful from the temple place. The temple is on platue, which is full of smythial flowers in monsoon. It really looks beautiful. “The hilly region and numerous other flowers on the platue add spice to the beauty.”

Waghjai temple, Aswalkhind and Kenjalgadh are the other place that can be enjoyed Raireshwar.

Kenjal Gad
Type: Hill Fort
Height: 4273 ft (above MSL)
Grade: Easy
Base Village: Korle

Kenjalgad or Ghera Khelanja Fort, is situated on the Mandhardev spur of the Mahadev range eleven miles north-west of Wai. The only entrance is on the north side up a set of a hundred steps running parallel to the line of the scarp till within four or seven feet of the top, when they turn at right angles to it and cut straight into a passage leading on to the top.

The steps are peculiarly imposing and differ from any others in the district. At the foot of the steps is a bastion which evidently flanked a gateway. There are remains of six large and three small buildings, all modern. The head-quarters or kacheri is only marked by a large fig tree. The fort has three large water tanks about forty feet square and six small ones for storage of water and grain. But there is no living spring inside the fort. The largest tank is in the southern face and is quite thirty feet deep. There is a narrow promenade on the ridge at the foot of the scarp and on the north side is a large cave with excellent water and partly used for storage purposes. Khelanja fort is said to have been built by the Bhoj Rajas of Panhala who flourished in the twelfth century.

Added Attractiions of the trek

smithia flowers that blossom in this area in this season

excellant birding at raireshwar,

chances of wild life spotting

we spotted deers from kenjalgad, rabbits on the rohida plateau and a jackel in the jungle of raireshwar when we visited the same forts early this monsoon.


The itinerary for the Trek is as given below:
Meeting point: Dadar station at 11.00pm near swaminarayn temple on 1st of Oct 2010
We will be traveling by private transportation till the base village Bajarwadi
Pickup for Pune people is possible on the Pune-Satar highway

Day 1
6 am reach Bajarwadi.
Breakfast by 6.30 am
Start the trek by 7.am
Reach the top by 9.00am
Fort exploration
Start descending towards Raireshwar
Lunch on the way (there is a beautiful plateau perfect place for a lunch break)
Reach the Ambavade by 1.30
Visit Nageshwar Temple, The hanging bridge
Reach Korle by 3.30
Tea n snacks
Start the trek to Raireshwar
Reach Raireshwar by 7.30pm.
Retire for the day after dinner n cam fire.

Day 2
Wake up early morning at 6am.
Morning rituals, Breakfast and we will be ready for exploration by 7.30am
Explore Raireshwar and descend till the col between Raireshwar n Kenjalgad.
Scale Kenjalgad by 11.30am
Lunch atop.
Explore Kenjalgad.
Start descending by 1.30pm.
Reach Korle by 3.30pm
Tea n snacks.
Start return journey by 4.30.pm
Reaching Mumbai by 10.00pm (tentatively).

The cost for the trek is Rs 1200/- per head which includes
Traveling from Dadar to Dadar,
Two Breakfasts and Two evening refreshments,
One Lunch,
Accommodation at Raireshwar .

Payment Details: One needs to deposit Rs 800/- advance into the following bank account to confirm his/her registration.
Union Bank Account No 369102010801696
Branch : Juhu Tara Mumbai
In the Name of Ms Priti P Patel
IFSC Code : UBINO536911

Things To Be carried:
Identity proof (must)
Lunch For Saturday,
Some ready to eat food. Plum cakes, Biscuits etc.
A bottle of water (atleast 3 Ltrs),
A Plate, Glass, Spoon and Mug
2-3 bunch of papers
A plastic bag to carry your own garbage
Towel, a napkin, Extra Pair of clothes
TORCH with extra batteries (compulsory).
Windcheaters , Cap, etc.
Medicine those if u require usually (Optional)
Good trekking shoes, extra pair of socks
A haversack to put in all the things to be carried....so that one has ones hands free while trekking.
Pleases do not carry sling bags or Jholas.
Please avoid wearing Gold and other ornaments.,

It may rain any day, so pack yr bags accordingly to save them from getting wet. Double pack your valuables in plastic bags

For Know more about Trek Mates India on the Net Please visit us@
Blogspot: www.trekmates.blogspot.com
Orkut: www.orkut.co.in/Main#Community?cmm=58853326
FaceBook: www.facebook.com/?sk=2361831622#!/group.php?gid=76034705414

Few rules we would like our participants to follow:
We follow a strict policy of "no trace" trekking, Take nothing but memories and photographs, leave nothing but footprints".

Do Not Litter: Participants are requested to carry the waste back to the city and dispose it off in dustbins.

No Smoking, tobacco and alcohol: Smoking cigarette, chewing tobacco or related products and consuming alcohol is strictly prohibited on the trek. Anyone found in possession of the same or consuming it will be expelled from the trek. NO REFUND will be provided.
(Smoking will only be permitted before the trek starts and after the trek is over with prior consultation of the Leader and the person will have to move away from the group to smoke.)

Respect the Heritage: Participants should not deface or damage any monument by writing or scribbling on them. Please help us to conserve and preserve our heritage along with our trek mates.

Be a group: It is of utmost importance that all participants stick together in the group, in the event of any ‘deviation’ by the participant without the consent of the ‘Trek Leader’, he/she/they will be considered as ‘Independent/s’ and will no longer be considered as a part of the group.

Pay attention: Each member will be responsible for his/her own safety and baggage.

In case of any injury, sickness, accident, death or any other casualty or loss or damage of valuables or luggage or any equipment; Trek Mates India, it’s instructors, organizers, volunteers or any other person involved wholly or partially, either individually or jointly, shall not be responsible in any manner for the same and no claims of the participants, parents, guardians, relatives or friends of participants will be entertained.

Any violation of the above rules will be dealt with seriously, and may involve expulsion from the trek or event, and no refund is admissible in such cases.
Adventure activity is arranged considering normal weather. In case of occurrence of any natural calamities, if event is cancelled, in such circumstances NO REFUND will be provided.

The leader’s decision will be final and binding on all members. No Arguments will be entertained.
Trek mates India reserves all the right to change/deviate/cancel the plans without prior notice. No arguments or refunds will be entertained.

For more details and registartion, please contact:
Mumbai Coordinators:
Nilesh Patil: 9967436211
Priti Patel: 9869524260

Pune Coordinators :
Zeenat : 9881736231/ 9272182577

Registrations are only through phone calls (scraps, reply to this thread won’t be considered as confirmation)
Limited seats, entry on first come first served basis.

Trek Mates T-shirts are now available at a base price of Rs220/- each. You can call any of the above mentioned leaders for the same.

Thanks and Regards,
Trek Mates India.

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