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An easy guide for planning Ladakh Tour

Experience the paradise of bikers in a prepared state.

Ladakh bike ride!
The name itself gives an adrenaline rush to the hardcore bikers. Ladakh has been a dream destination for many. It is counted as one of the best adventure experiences in India; and also attracts a lot of ...

Have you seen this floral miracle in Maharashtra?

Kaas Pathar is a plateau with various species of flora and fauna. It is a destination worth visiting.

 Have you been to a place where nature has sprinkled colors over the field...

These 3 places in Sahyadris are stunning, loved by photographers.

Make sure you add these to your bucketlist if you are a photographer.

Sahyadri is full of miracles. The massive mountain range is a paradise for trekkers.
However if you are ...

Getting Lo-Bhi'd

The unexplored rawness of Sahydri!

Photos of Getting Lo-Bhi'd 1/18 by Arun Dash

Who cares about the destination when the journey is so beautiful. The Gang of LoBhi(few missing)


Lonavala Railway Station Ticket Booking Office

Some treks remain special throughout the life and such treks with a bunch of closest pals is ...

Benefits of Trekking

It's been a question from many. And since long. A question from parents, friends, co-workers etc... Why Trekking?? What do you get through trekking?? What are the benefits of Trekking??

And you just can't explain them. And it's a truth. You can never explain any non-trekker about what is the feeling. How refreshing it is; to be just you, with your backpack, exploring the wilderness; the wilderness within you, and the wilderness of the nature... The fresh air, the no pollution area, and the like-minded company… Such a satisfaction!!!


But to note some, here are the benefits ...

Clothing for rainy season trekking in Sahyadris.

It’s of utter importance of how you dress while you are trekking in the rainy season.

It’s only with proper clothing that you can remain warm, comfortable and even safe. The Layered-dressing style that you use for Himalayan treks can be used in Sahyadris as well. The major difference is that the warm layering used in the Himalayas has no work here.


Let’s start from the basic inner liners.
The worst difficulty while trekking in rainy season is getting rashes on your inner thighs. The main reason ...

How to choose your Trekking Shoes?

This blog will guide you in how to buy your trekking shoes and tips regarding the same,

“AAOOOOOO” my fellow trekkers and wanderers! It’s been a fine trekking season and our outdoorsy spirit still wants more. And if you say I day-dream about those clouds that camp on green-brown peaks and the silver streams gushing down through black muddy rocks, I say to you my friend, the feeling is mutual.

But how would you feel when finally you plan and go on a trek and before the trek begins, your shoes get all wet and soggy, making your strid...

Trekking Safety In Monsoons

Some handy tips for personal safety to go on treks in monsoons

Monsoons are here with there beauty and greens to delight and enlight us with new experiences. It comes from the core of a trekker’s heart to walk those slippery & challenging trails during rains. In the haste of launching towards mountains the thought of safety often slips from one’s mind. Excitement to go on a adventurous weekend and reckless ignorance often make things go wrong. One must earnestly conisder the need for a proper safety while going on treks and adventure a...