Benefits of Trekking

It's been a question from many. And since long. A question from parents, friends, co-workers etc... Why Trekking?? What do you get through trekking?? What are the benefits of Trekking??

And you just can't explain them. And it's a truth. You can never explain any non-trekker about what is the feeling. How refreshing it is; to be just you, with your backpack, exploring the wilderness; the wilderness within you, and the wilderness of the nature... The fresh air, the no pollution area, and the like-minded company… Such a satisfaction!!!


But to note some, here are the benefits that we get from Trekking. Obviously, it won't mention the feeling of satisfaction.


A healthy body and increased Stamina: When you start trekking in the rugged ups and downs, your workout helps you increase your stamina and give extra strength to your muscles, specifically thighs, and calves. It also makes your body flexible.


Stronger lungs: Inhaling the pure air in the jungles and forts, away from the city pollution and population cleanses your lungs. Regular trekking in the low oxygen levels at the higher altitudes helps to strengthen your lungs.


Lose weight: This might lure much more than anything else to a few of us. With your body getting into motion, the activeness can be seen with the reduction in body fats. Consumption of healthy food from the local base villages will be furthermore beneficial.


Happy and healthy heart: walking for long distances in the altitudes will make your heart pump more vigorously than usual. This not only helps increase the oxygen levels and help build your cardiac muscles, but also increases the blood flow to your muscles and brain.


Slow down aging process: Fresh air, regular exercise and a better diet will help improve your immune system, resulting in slowing down your aging process.


Stress Buster: Get up early in the morning and go for a hike; all by yourself or with friends; away from your strenuous lifestyle. This will give you time to think about solutions to your problems and reduce stress. Trekking can also be helpful for those with hypertension, by reduction in the blood pressure. A complete disconnect from the outer world will be even better to reduce your stress.


Refresh your mind and body: Trekking is one of the best ways to refresh your mind and body which can give you refreshing breaks from your monotonous and stressful daily city life. Trekking gets you to a drastically different life zone altogether. All away from your regular work and daily tensions. Away from the fast paced urban life; amidst the beauty of the nature.


Make Friends: while on a trek, you get to meet new people, learn new culture, new languages, and get to know their experiences. It can be a story telling sessions, singing, playing group games, etc. But these people are more or less like minded; and moreover every person coming for a trek, is at his basic, and no fake faces as you can see with shiny make-ups and posh dressing n all. You get to know the person from his core in such situations. And thus you might end up making a lot of friends in your Trek.


Trust: It is the trust that you have in your fellow trekkers that keeps your group together, trust that one won't be left alone, for whatever may. This can be seen on a different level in case of crisis.


Corporate benefits: Many corporate companies these days have made it a point to take their people for trekking, as a quarterly or half yearly program, to develop the skills of their employees. Trekking truly is an activity, which can refresh and make you feel better from inside. But it can also be a challenge to face the nature in its raw form. New or first time trekkers can take this as a problem at the very first instance. While experienced trekkers can also feel the heat, in case of tougher treks. Specially, when you are accompanied with other amateur trekkers. It is therefore most important to keep yourself dertermined and others motivated, to keep moving. Your motivational skills and your communication skills develop while you communicate with your co-trekkers. Also your decision-making and leadership skills can be seen and develop while you plan and execute in such cases. Getting the complete team along with you, with ease, is a perfect example of your team building skill, which also makes you more responsible.


Personal development: Apart from the mentioned corporate benefits, there also are more benefits which can better you as a person. One can get more disciplined and punctual which are two most important things for trekking, as well as for one's personnel life. Wakeup timings, break timings, rules to be followed, trekking schedule, etc is to be followed while you Trek. And this would also help you in your daily life.


Patience and determination: While trekking, you know that you couldn't reach the destined spot in a minute or two. You will have to have patience and keep moving with a firm determination and only then your reach your goals. This might teach you the best lesson of patience and determination


Challenging yourself: Trekking till the top of the mountain to get the best of views, can be very challenging at times. But you will have to put your efforts to get till there. This can challenging in many different ways. Scary traverses, fear of heights, fear of water, lack of experience, lack of money, low strength, pain in muscles, etc. And one can only get through, when he challenges himself and the conditions and overcomes the same.


Happiness in small things: Imagine you are in a jungle and you are already out with your food and water; you are hungry and thirsty as well. What would you demand for? A car, big house, job promotion? No. You would just want some basic food. And some water. And now if you see a fruit tree nearby, imagine the happiness. You thus learn to appreciate small things of Mother Nature and also tend to get away from the materialistic happiness.


Brings out the explorer in you: The more you Trek, the more you get used to it. You then start exploring. Exploring new areas, places, forts; for the want of new experience and for new learning.


Best of views: One gets to see and experience Mother Nature in its original, raw form. No concrete buildings, roads, flyovers, pollution, nothing Man-made. Only the nature; untouched and unchanged from centuries.


Learnings: One gets to learn a hell lot of things from trekking. Learning the geography of the area, history of the place, how and when abouts of the forts and the routes, flora and fauna, venomous and non venomous snakes, insects, poisonous plants, edible wild veggies and fruits, etc.


Now that you know what all trekking has for you in the store, why not Google a trekking destination or visit our schedule, and plan your next Trek.


Nilesh Patil