Have you seen this floral miracle in Maharashtra?

Kaas Pathar is a plateau with various species of flora and fauna. It is a destination worth visiting.

 Have you been to a place where nature has sprinkled colors over the fields? The western ghats offer a destination near Satara that makes one go crazy for the floral variety it offers. The destination is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and grabs attention from tourists all over the world. Kaas is a plateau situated in the Western Ghats where millions of flowers swing with the breezes as the monsoon is near to end. The plateau has been mentioned in several books and is described as the paradise near Satara. The beauty of Kaas makes you feel like not leaving the place easily. The mesmerizing views you get are unique of its kind. 

Kaas, a place for nature lovers, a hotspot for biodiversity, is a home for seasonal flowers and endemic butterflies hopping over flowers. This scenario is such a pleasure to watch! Kaas has a variety of endangered species of flowers. The plateau is a dream destination to many as it is described by many tourists as 'The Valley of Flowers of Maharashtra' as it is considered as similar to the very popular Valley of Flowers in Northern India. Kaas is situated in the outskirts of Satara and faces extremely heated land, dense rainfalls, and supercool winters as climatic conditions throughout the year. 
Kaas is loved by nature photographers. The photographers and travel enthusiasts get here for getting great photographs of flowers of multiple colors and other wonders like the mountains, streams, waterfalls, fauna found on this plateau. Photographers can get perfect shots of natural texture. The Lake is a beautiful landscape to view. The multi-colored land is a bliss that makes you come back with memories for life. 

Kaas has been recognized by the Government and hence, is a protected body. It is advised to help nature preserve its beauty. Please do not throw garbage on the plateau and do not harm the natural elements. Kaas has been a victim of human involvement. Due to the roads constructed, various plants have been cut down and snakes have been killed. Let's stand together for a better tomorrow for Kaas and various parts of the beautiful Sahyadri Ranges gifted to us by Mother Nature. 

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Pawan Chawan