These 3 places in Sahyadris are stunning, loved by photographers.

Make sure you add these to your bucketlist if you are a photographer.

Sahyadri is full of miracles. The massive mountain range is a paradise for trekkers.
However if you are living near Mumbai, here are selected three destinations you could make out to just for the sake of clicking what’s best! Hey! While clicking, make sure you are taking care of yourself. Don’t hold camera at risky patches. Use both of the hands for supporting yourself. Safety comes first!

1. Nakhind Ridge

Nakhind is a mountain range near Vangani. Nakhind comprises of several mountains and has a needle-hole like structure which is the summit to this beautiful trek. The mountains appear to be a wavy pattern of rocks in a sequential way. You can get the best of clicks here! The Nedhe looks like a school bus made up of rocks. One can get awesome photos of this Nedhe on the trail itself. Once you reach the top, there is a small patch where there is exposure on both sides. This patch is dangerous to cross, yet beautiful to click. One should take care while standing at this point. Holding camera and walking can be very dangerous. After getting at the summit, you get mesmerizing views of Chanderi fort, Malanggad, and Sahyadri mountain ranges. Nakhind trail starts from Waghinichi Wadi village near Vangani. Nakhind is tiring, yet a beautiful trek!

Click here for Nakhind Trek.

2. Kothaligad

Kothaligad is a hill fort near Karjat. The cameras turn on at the first checkpoint where one sees a brilliant view of the pinnacle of Kothaligad. After reaching the base, Peth, one finds Kothaligad in a different shape. After reaching the plateau, you can see cloud-kissed mountains on 3 sides and Kothaligad pinnacle on 1 side. Clicking the tower is a bliss! Now you start ascending the pinnacle clicking the internal excavations from inside. Few steps before reaching the top, you can see an ancient entrance in excellent condition. After getting at the top, see the gigantic mountain of Bhimashankar covered with clouds and numerous waterfalls decorating it. You can see the watchtower to Bhimashankar, the bell-shaped pinnacle fort of Padargad. This is a scene for the photographer! Click the best of Ambivli Peth at Kothaligad!

Click here for Kothaligad Trek.

3. The legendary Sudhagad fort

This fort makes you turn on the camera at the base itself. If you ascend by the Rajmarg, you can find a stream giving a beautiful scenery to click. As you ascend, you pass through lush green areas with a beautiful kind of insect crawling over the leaves. You can find a temple on the way and streams of water at every point. After a hike of almost 2 hours, you reach the legendary Mahadarwaja. The Mahadarwaja is an exact replica of Mahadarwaja at Raigad. After getting at the summit, you have multiple points to click and shoot videos at. You have the Tak Mak Tok for getting panoramic views of Sahyadri Mountains. Another way of accessing Sudhagad is also visible from this point. Sudhagad gives you a very amazing view of three important family members of Sahyadri family – Korigad, Ghangad, and the mighty Tail Baila pinnacles. There are remnants of the ancient palace, a lake with frogs with patterns on their bodies. It is said that Sudhagad is a home to various species of birds. While descending if you take the Thakurwadi route, you can get views of Tak Mak Tok and surrounding mountains. Get down at Thakurwadi and turn back for the last click of Sudhagad from this point of view.


Pawan Chawan