Trekking Safety In Monsoons

Some handy tips for personal safety to go on treks in monsoons

Monsoons are here with there beauty and greens to delight and enlight us with new experiences. It comes from the core of a trekker’s heart to walk those slippery & challenging trails during rains. In the haste of launching towards mountains the thought of safety often slips from one’s mind. Excitement to go on a adventurous weekend and reckless ignorance often make things go wrong. One must earnestly conisder the need for a proper safety while going on treks and adventure activities, especially during monsoons. So before you pack your bags and choose your shoes for heading into mountains, make sure you do the following things.


The past is full of sad incidents about accidents and even deaths of people who went on treks on their own. Treading the no-man lands with it’s tricky rock patches and steep slopes is no joke. It should strictly be done with people who are good at this. Most preferably go with Travel and Trek organisations. Check the internet for groups that have good reviews and choose accordingly. If you decide to go without a group, make sure you take someone who is a well experienced trekker and is thorough with the route of the destination you choose.


The very first and fundamental thing to do before you go on a trek is to pick the perfect pair of shoes. It’s often observed that our usual sports shoes or the snickers fail in gripping their way into rough terrains of outdoors. I will always personally recommend (just as many regular trekkers would) to go for Action Trekking Shoes (Prefer high ankle shoes). They’re available in market at an impressive price of 800 bucks and despite the reasonable pricing, these provide the best grip. If you couldn’t get hold of these, go for Campus or Quechua shoes.


Don’t fall for the attractive pictures of the place or false feedbacks. In monsoon’s many of the trekking spots are dangerous! Before you decide to head for a particular trek, don’t forget to ‘to do a little research’ and ‘ask for some feedbacks’ about the place you choose. Don’t visit the spots that are considered dangerous as it can cost you your dear life.


While you enjoy in the rains, don’t forget to protect your possessions from moisture. Do take necessary measures to protect any electronic items like your smart phones and cameras from getting wet.

• Wrap all things you’re carrying in waterproof polythene bags.

• Avoid using phones and cameras while it’s raining .

• Carry those little moisture absorber sachets (available on to keep your camera’s away from moisture

• Lastly, don’t forget to get a water resistant cover for your backpacks


One forgets to consider that during rains, bags get wet and thus, heavy too. One must pack carefully by taking all that’s neccessary and not making your bag too heavy at the same time. Make sure you pack following things..

• Extra pair of clothes

• Windcheaters / Ponchos

• Floaters

• Extra pair of socks

• Glucon D / Electrol

• Repair kits (Sweing kit/feviquick etc)

• Basic first aid kit

• Extra batteries/ power banks

• Torch with extra battery



People have complete confidence on natural waters! “This looks clean, I guess it wouldn’t do any harm.” How do you know? Why risk your health by drinking any water that can prove to be a mistake? I will advice to kindly carry enough water back from home that’ll last for the entire trek or don’t hesistate to buy a Bisleri if you get an oppourtunity. And if the conditions force you to drink waters from streams, always keep Water Purification Tablets with you. Use those tablets to purify the water and drink a 100% safe water.


A thousand likes on social media aren’t worth your life! Edges in monsoons are mostly slippery and carelessness on such places will surely prove fatal. Instead find different perspectives, click pictures in safer ways.

Rains are beautiful but equally dangerous. One must respect nature and avoid any kind of reckless behaviour. There have been many deaths and accidents in past few years due to sheer carelessness of people. Trekking is a serious sport and your safety is a big deal! Prepare to stay safe no matter what circumstances befall. Stay safe and enjoy your treks. Happy monsoons!


Aakash Shete