Know The Brain

Nilesh Prabhakar Patil


Wandering in the Sahyadris since 2004. After 600+ treks, he still thinks Sahyadris can offer new things to him on each of his treks.
A true Management person, and an Entrepreneur by Mind, Nilesh did his MBA from the Mumbai University just to start his own adventure and touring company. And the results just came with Trek Mates India.With a good experience from his previous jobs from Kesari tours and Youth Hostels, he has a unique style of managing his tours.
Also adding to this is his interests and knowledge about the plants, reptiles, butterflies, etc from the jungles of Maharashtra.
Adding together, it is great fun and an informative trek when he is around.

Vikram Singh


A Friend, a Mentor, a Caring and Daring person, extremely Tough, and a True Leader; are the qualities that define this small town guy, Vikram Singh.Vikram came to Mumbai few years back for perusing his MBA degree and eventually got involved in a different world altogether - A world full of adventure, Excitement, Endurance and Energy.
To Excel in this field, he has also completed his Basic Mountaineering Course. Trekking for Vikram is not just enjoyment but an adventure, a challenge and an odyssey that he longs to travel.
'Challenging your limits' is what he believes in and this brings out the endeavourer in him.
Last but not the least
' When going gets tough, tough gets going '
is what he believes in.

Meet The Team

Vishal Khond

Meet the most enthusiastic and one of the strongest trekker of our group, Vishal Khond. He's been responsible for finding routes for many of our new treks.
Associated with Trek Mates India from its inception, Vishal was chosen as a coordinator because of his helping nature and initiative to help others during the event. Trekking in Sahyadris since 2009, he has completed 500 + treks and is well versed with the history, background and important events of all the forts he has covered as yet. A True devotee of Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj, Vishal loves to read more and more about our history, and loves it even more to share it with the fellow participants. He also has a sound knowledge of the technical set-up that's usually used for trekking. Vishal is one of the most passionate trekkers Trek Mates India has had.

Sanket Chalke

Being from a trekker family, He has covered most of the treks in Sahyadris, with a dream of trekking each and every fort of Maharashtra. He takes trekking as a passion and takes Climbing and Photography as his special interests.
Sanket Joined Trek Mates India with his brother Sandesh Chalke, and is into leading of TMI's events since 2 years now.By profession, He is System Engineer in IT dept.Very calm but sometimes very strict leader in TMI.

Sandesh Chalke

An enthusiastic trekker, he has trekking in his blood, as received from his family... Sandesh started trekking with his parents, as a small kid... Got introduced to Trek Mates India in 2013, and since then, been trekking with TMI. Sandesh started leading treks & tours since a year now, and one of the most loved leader by all the participants. Completed post graduation in Business Management and now working in Finance industry, he loves to have people around and likes to explore new places.

Arun Kumar Dash

Born and brought up in Odisha, he describes himself as a ‘Marathi’ by blood and Odia at ‘heart’. An avid food lover and ardent traveller, who’s always on a move, Arun has traveled places before destiny got him to Mumbai. A Pharmaceutical Researcher by profession, he loves exploring new places, meeting new people, and listening to their stories; an animal lover and likes to capture Sahyadris in his very own style. trekking since last 3 years, he started as a participant, then as a co-lead and now leads events with Trek Mates India. Being gutsy and sprited, he always motivates others and tries to discover new ways to push himself to the limits. He is more fond of range treks as compared to abseiling, rafting and other adventurous activities.

Mahen Padaya

Meet the most charming, hilarious & coolest yet strongest trek leader Mr. Mahen Padaya.
Responsible for give a fun filled & thrilled package of experience to our participants. Associated with Trek Mates India from 2009 as a participant & announced as an official Trek Leader from 2013. Certified in First Aid by reputed organization.
Completed 350+ treks & many more yet to come to add the feather in his hat of adventure. Earlier used to be the AVP Sales in reputed MNC India Bulls but left the corporate well paid job for the dream. So now he is living his dream life.
Very much interested in the history of all the places he visits & organize treks; so if you ever have an urge of info of the place. So he is the best person to be approached for history of all the places.
Apart from this his hobbies are singing, entertaining the participants with ultimate sense of humour, travelling, exploring new places with respect to trek, photography, maintaining good relation with people, etc.  

Puneet Karmarkar

Puneet KarmarkarA born nature lover. He also has a great interest in History. Got to express his love when he was in studying for his 12th. It was Raigad, Lord of all Forts, and this lovely relationship with nature & history continues till date... He has 250+ treks on his name. He completed his graduation in Computers but the love & affection for the nature & traveling made him to turn to the Tourism & Adventure Field.
He has a good knowledge of rock climbing & Rope Management. He has been a part of few climbing expeditions before.

Nishank Kedar

Coming from a family of trekkers, wanderlust flows in the blood of Nishank. He has visited Raigad in 2008 and since then the travel bug inside him has been unstoppable. He boasts of more than 50 treks in a short span of just 2 years.He started trekking with Trek Mates India in 2013 and now works as a co-leader because of his active participation and ‘never say no attitude’. ‘Wanderer’ is his second name.He never ever gives up and motivates others with his cheerful and enthusiastic nature. His perseverance has no saturation point and he will boost you up at the point you feel like giving up. Quirky humor and wittiness are highlights of his behavior. That’s why, you can neither get bored nor get enough of his company.Though he participates in rappelling, river rafting, paragliding and scuba diving, his first love remains trekking. He is a very keen observer and readily grasps new things. If he is not trekking you can find him sleeping or writing tones of codes. Well that’s just few of him and trust me you are most likely to find him trekking on every weekend.
He always quotes, “Trekking is not just roaming or travelling, it’s a reason why I breathe”

Aniket Thosar

Started roaming in Sahyadris since 2008 and with the addition of trekking, rock climbing, rappelling, etc. Joined Trek mates India in 2010(when he passed HSC).Since then he has been enjoying the Sahyadris with TMI almost every weekend.Alongside studying engineering from UDCT. After co-coordinating for 2 years, he came up with an amazing idea of TMI YOUTH...
Started leading the treks since October 2012 and now he is the YOUTH face of TMI...

Vijay Korpe

Hail from Mumbai currently working in IBM Pune.Vijay is a Software Developer by Profession and trekker by choice.Reason to starts trekking is affection towards Historical places.Trekking since last 8-9 year in various part of India, Vijay has quite a bit of affection towards Historical places.Apart from Maharashtra...
Vijay has trekked in various parts of India, including karnataka , kerla, tamilnadu and Uttarakhand.An Avid trekker, has his other interest in Bike Riding and cycling, specially visiting the places of historical importance.