Tour to Rendezvous Gujarat ( Ahmedabad / Modhera| / Patan )

*Our Once in a Lifetime Must Visit Destination*

Place: Gujarat

Type: Tours

Endurance: Medium

Difficulty: Medium

Activities: Trekking / Camping / Photography

Cost: Rs.5600.00







Photography tour



Tour to Gujarat


Sorry, there are no batches for this trek!

Day 0: Friday
Board Lokshakti express 22927 at 7.40 PM.

Day 1: Saturday
Reach Ahmedabad by 4.20 AM.
Check in to guesthouse/homestay.
At 8 AM we will leave for Modhera and Patan.
Return to Ahmedabad.  Call off the day

Day 2 : Sunday
Today, we will explore India's first UNESCO world heritage city, Ahmedabad.
We will walk through the old walled city and visit Pols.
We will also visit Sabarmati Ashram and Adalaj step well.
If time permits,  we can also cycle at the banks of river sabarmati at evening.


• Torch
• Identity Proof
• A bottle of water (Minimum 2 Ltrs),
• Medicine those if u require usually (Optional)
• Some ready to eat food
• Sleeping Bag
• Pleases do not carry sling bags
• Please avoid wearing Gold and other ornaments.
• Full Body Towel 01 nos.
• Torch with spare batteries
• Bedding for the train journey

Thru and Fro SLR train tickets
Internal transfers as per itinerary 
Stay for 1N at Ahmedabad 
Entry tickets 
Day 1: Breakfast,Dinner
Day 2: Breakfast, Dinner
TMI expertise

Cycling charges at riverfront 
Anything not mentioned in inclusions

By Air


By Train

Board Lokshakti express 22927 at 7.40 PM.

By Road



Gujarat :-
 Is a state on the western coast of India with a coastline of 1,600 km (990 mi) – most of which lies on the Kathiawar peninsula – and a population in excess of 60 million. It is the fifth largest Indian state by area and the ninth largest state by population. The Gujarati-speaking people of India are indigenous to the state.

Place To Visit :-

Modhera Sun Temple :
Visiting the marvellous Modhera Sun Temple of Mehsana, Gujarat, is sure to leave your heart with a duality of thoughts. It's a mixed feeling of both surprise and anguish.
The precision of this jaw-dropping structure of Modhera and the hard work of the thousands behind it is going to leave your mind surprised. And it'll also leave you anguished when you realise that all these majesties were plundered with one stroke of destruction by Mahmud Ghazni. Standing at this moment, the temple of Modhera is just another magnificent ruin; an enigma that is lost in time.

Patan Rani Ki Vav:
Rani ki Vav or Ranki vav (lit. Queen’s stepwell) is a stepwell situated in the town of Patan in Gujarat state of India. It is located on the banks of Saraswati river. Its construction is attributed to Udayamati, daughter of Khengara of Saurashtra, queen of the 11th-century Chaulukya dynasty and spouse of Bhima I. Silted over, it was rediscovered in 1940s and restored in 1980s by the Archaeological Survey of India. It has been listed as one of UNESCO's World Heritage Sitessince 2014.

Patola Saree Making Unit:
Home of beautiful hand-woven Patola Sarees, Patan is one of the most sought after possession for women.
Creating Patola sarees take extreme efforts and patience. It involves lots of time, intricate work, hand-woven, all put together contributing to the high raised prices of Patola Sarees that starts from 20,000 and goes up to several lakhs depending on the work done and thread used. Walk through the streets of Patola Saree making unit, making it an interesting experience and see how the work is done.


Sorry, there are no batches for this trek!